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How to Reduce the Cost of Voice Acting for E-Learning or Corporate Training Videos


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There needs to be an online course, or a series of e-training programs, and if you want to recoup your content, you reach out to a new audience or simply make it more accessible to your audience using voice acting. Because through that you will attract a large number of viewers and gradually the audience will come to you more.

What does voice acting do?

Voice acting is a very effective method to help you reach viewers. Anyone who does not speak the original language (say, English), will be more interested, and better understood, the content spoken to them in their language or dialect. Voice acting makes it possible for every viewer to understand the content of your video even if you and they are not in the same country and language.

We were trained for that by the school and by our local television. Language habits are difficult to change at an older age, and we often stick with the language we learned at a young age, all our lives. It is not that learning an additional language does not have its own merits, but doing it while trying to learn something complex, like economics or finance, is doubly difficult. The content is consumed much faster and easier to memorize and organize by the viewer’s brain, if it is in the viewer’s native language from which we see the importance of voice acting.

Alternatives to dubbing

You can add subtitles — The pros: It’s cheaper, and simpler. The cons: Reading while watching a talking head is a skill. If subtitles aren’t common in the viewers’ country, it will slow him down, lower the viewers’ content consumption, and diminish his entertainment (e.g. In Russia, VOD content that is not dubbed, but is subtitled, is watched less than 10% over the content that is dubbed). Further more, it requires a certain size of screen (e.g. Japanese Kanji subtitles are much harder to read on mobile phones because of their complexity), and must assume that the viewer isn’t illiterate, or suffers from any kind of reading deficiency (like ADD, ADHD, etc.), or simply misplaced his eye glasses…

You don’t localise — And this is the default of most online videos. But then again, if it was important for you to create the video, and spend all that money on producing it, why not spend a little more on localising it? Further more, what will happen if your competitors will start localising their content?

Localisation shouldn’t be a cumbersome, slow process, that requires several expensive professionals, and takes weeks to create

Above are simple ways that we can partially reduce the cost of voice acting. Please refer to us and give us more opinions!


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