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LotsOMobs Mod


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LotsOMobs Mod 1.16.5,1.12.2,1.9,1.8.9 y 1.7.10 añade una gran cantidad de animales y turbas a Minecraft incluyendo aves, peces, leones, mamuts, serpientes e incluso dinosaurios. Además de hacer el mundo minecraft mucho más interesante para explorar, muchas de las turbas tienen gotas únicas, por ejemplo piel de ciervo se puede utilizar para crear armadura. Camellos, mamuts y pterosauruses se pueden montar de la misma manera que los caballos en vainilla Minecraft. Muchas de las turbas dejan caer materiales que se pueden utilizar para fabricar armaduras y armas únicas también! Este es un mod que le dará a su juego mucha más vida.

LotsOMobs Mod

Features of Lotsomobs Mod

  • Kill deers to get its fur and horn. Deer fur can be used to make armor and horn is used to craft swords. 
  • Make fire with “Flint and Fossil” to light an Ancient Fire. In addition, it can be used to burn stuff down without getting hurt.
  • Use the “Cacti On A Stick” to control LotsOMobs creatures. Steer them to where you want them to go with this item.
  • Use “Ivory” to create an Ivory Toolset such as Ivory Blade to craft axes and shovels. Ivory is dropped by Narwhals and Elephants. 
  • Amber is hard to find and it is the strongest material so it can be used to craft the best weapons. 
  • Use Dinosaur Bone to craft Amber Tools and spears. You can also feed them to raptors. Use Dinosaur Skin to craft armor.
  • Smelt IcemintuimOre to get Icemintuim Bar to craft DNAExtractors and portals to the IceDimension.
  • Use Wooly Fur that you get from Sabertooth Tigers and Mammoths to craft Eskimo suits.
  • Use Portable portals to teleport to the Dino and Ice dimension.
  • Each mob has its own meat that can be cooked or eaten raw. There are different kinds of meats, such as boar, deer, reptile, camel, whale, penguin, mammoth, and lion.


  • Savanna Grass: These blocks are just like dirt and can be found in the savanna biome
  • Savanna Tall Grass: The Tall Grass of the savanna.
  • Portal Blocks: The blocks that take you to the dimensions. They don’t drop when broken so choose wisely where you place it…
  • Fossil Ore: This ore contains a fossil from one of the five different dinosaurs.
  • Ice Fossil Ore: This ore contains a fossil from one of the Ice Age creatures.
  • Amber Ore: This Ore contains an amber. Only generates in the bottom 7 layers of the Dino Dimension
  • Icemintuim Ore: Can be molten into an Icemintuim bar.
  • Dino Logs: The Logs of the Dino Trees from the dino dimension
  • Dino Leaves: The Leaves of the Dino Trees from the dino dimension
  • Dino Vines: The vines of the Dino Trees from the dino dimension
  • Dino Sapling: The Sapling of the Dino Trees from the dino dimension
  • Easter Eggs: These blocks are hidden around the entire world. Pick them up and deliver them to the easter bunny for a reward!

Armor sets:

  • Deer Fur: crafted from Deer Fur. It’s slightly stronger than leather.
  • Santa: Dropped by Santa Claus. Not much protection but it looks cool!
  • Dinosaur Skin: Tough armor made with Dinosaur Skin.
  • Amber: The toughest armor out there. So strong that even dinosaurs like T-Rexes can’t hurt it!
  • Eskimo Suit: Nice and warm armor made from Wooly Fur. Eskimos wear it too!

DNA Related Stuff:

  • The DNAExtractor: This block is a new machine. It is used to get the DNA out of the Fossil. To do so open the GUI by right-clicking it. Inside the GUI you just add a Fossil and a bottle of DNA Solvent. After a little while, you will get the DNA that was in the Fossil!
  • DNA Solvent: Crafted with a bottle of water and tall grass. This dissolves the DNA found inside fossils!
  • Fossils: The remains of ancient creatures. Are dropped from Fossil Ores. They can be used to get Ancient creatures in the overworld.
  • DNA: DNA can be extracted out of the fossils and be used to craft spawn eggs for ancient creatures in the overworld. This also makes it possible to name dinosaurs by putting the eggs in the anvil.

In addition, there are some new features in Lotsomobs Mod such as the DNAExtractor. Players need to use it to get the DNA out of the Fossils which are remains of ancient creatures. Then the DNA Solvent is used to dissolve the DNA found inside fossils. The DNA will then be used to craft spawn eggs for ancient creatures.


The different LotsOMobs modules all add a small part of the mod. This way you are free to choose which elements you want to play with, and which you don’t want. There are already a few modules, and more will come!

  • The Core: The core module adds the basic framework for LotsOMobs. This is the only module that is required. It doesn’t add any mobs, only the items/blocks.
  • Forrest and Plains: This module adds all the mobs and items related to the forrest and plains biomes. This includes deer, boars, ant, squirrels etc.
  • Deserts: In this module, you can find camels, lizards and scorpions. They all live in, like the name suggests, the desert biomes.
  • Jungle And Swamps: Gekkos and flies are found in this module.
  • Arctic: The Arctic module adds penguins, polar foxes, and polar bears. Remember to tame the polar foxes for a cuddly pet!

Minecraft LotsOMobs Mod Guías de instalación del mod:

1. Asegúrese de tener Minecraft Forge
2. Descargue LotsOMobs Mod archivo de enlace(s) a continuación/arriba
3. En Windows PC, Vaya al menú Inicio

Tipo: %appdata%/.minecraft
Pulse Intro para ejecutar %appdata%/.minecraft

En mac buscador abierto, mantenga presionada la tecla ALT y haga clic en Ir y luego Biblioteca en la barra de menú superior. Abra la carpeta Soporte de aplicaciones y busque Minecraft.
4. Vaya a la carpeta minecraft/mods Si la carpeta Mods no existe, cree una
5. Coloque mod archivo en la carpeta mods
6. Inicie Minecraft usando Forge Profile y, a continuación, abra el menú

Descargar LotsOMobs Mod 1.16.5,1.12.2,1.9,1.8.9 y 1.7.10 para Minecraft




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