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The notes after healing the zombie villagers


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The best place to trap a zombie villager is inside a house without any beds because there is a door and you can construct a wall around the small space inside the house so that the zombie villager cannot attack you, as opposed to outside where you must construct four walls to keep the zombie villager from attacking you. After you’ve caught the zombie villager, make sure to shut the door. read more how to cure a zombie villager

When curing, try not to let your zombie villager infect any additional villagers

If you don’t want to trap the zombie villager or risk being assaulted by it, you can also let it pursue you after feeding it the golden apple. While pursuing, keep the zombie villager away from other zombies.

The zombie villager will attack the witch if the witch uses the weakness splash potion on them. You shouldn’t be concerned that the witch will employ negative splash potions to kill the zombie villager because poison has no effect on them, hurting heals them, and slowness has less of an impact on them because the witch hardly moves when consuming or tossing a potion. The witch does not administer another weakness potion to the zombie villager because he already possesses the effect of weakness.

The discounted trades only apply to you if you heal a villager while playing on a world or server. To receive the discounted trades in the multiplayer environment, each player must treat the same villager individually. 


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