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Disney Plus and Hulu will charge more, starting from this December


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Disney Plus and Hulu are streaming services from Disney which are currently the third most popular platforms after Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They are currently the best platforms for Hulu original series and films and also Disney works including Pixar and Marvel movies and series. Reportedly, there will be a slight change to its monthly subscription fee. 

Current Pricing

Source: Disney

There will be several changes to the group’s streaming services including Disney+, Hulu, Hulu + Live TV and ESPN+. Currently, Disney offers a monthly bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $15 per month (with ads on Hulu and ESPN+) and $20 (without ads on all three services). This price was increased from $13.99 per month from this August, following the operation of ad tier services on Hulu and ESPN+. Disney Plus will stay as an ad-free service but not for long. The company’s spokesman stated that its own ad tier service would start this December. It will come with an increase of the monthly fee. 

How Much Will Ad-free Disney+ Cost?

Source: Disney

Until now, customers are paying $8 per month for Disney+ and there are no ads on this platform. In December, they might keep paying $8 but there will also be ads on this service. To get rid of all those, it is necessary to pay $3 more. Therefore, from December 2022, Disney+ will cost $11 each month for users who are not willing to see ads. Compared to Hulu’s subscription, it is 4$ cheaper for ad-free streaming and equal for ad-supported streaming. 

The Bundle Will Also Cost More

Source: Disney

The bundle for multiple services will also be affected on the heel of this change. To get access to Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ without being interrupted by ads, users will have to pay at least $23 per month. Fortunately, ESPN+ will retain its current fee which is $10 per month. It is also advised to purchase for a 12-month bundle because there might be even more raises in the future. 

Netflix is the first streaming service that provides a cheaper, ad-supported subscription from this November, 2022 at the price of $7. Reportedly, Netflix has always been the biggest streaming service in the world. However, it is facing many hardships and losing many loyal fans and employees, especially this year. Amazon Prime Video is also a great threat to Netflix’s domination thanks to its huge motherly company, Amazon. Disney’s services are also taking steps to take over the market. However, it’s hard to tell what will change in the upcoming years. 

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