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2 New Games Will Be Available On Netflix In December


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Netflix’s Gaming Service will include 2 brand new games to the platform starting this December. Last week, the world’s largest streaming service announced this news in its 2022 recap video. Those are Kentucky Route Zero and 12 Minutes. Now, they are both available to play on this service. In this post, let’s get to know more about these two game titles. Are they really worth spending time to play?

1. Kentucky Route Zero  

Source: Netflix

Kentucky Route Zero first premiered in 2013. It is a text-based point-and-click game which is similar to immersive theater. In the game, you will play as a truck driver named Conway. Your only task is to drive through Kentucky on Route Zero to deliver for an antiques shop. On this route, you will meet with several strange people while trying to cross this mysterious and dangerous Route Zero. You will have to control Conway by leading to other locations or talking with other characters. You might also take control of other characters, occasionally. The game was well-received and got praised for its visual art, narrative, characterization and themes. 

2. 12 Minutes 

Source: Netflix

12 Minutes is a new game, published in 2021. In this mysterious game, there is a time loop where the clock resets every 12 minutes. The game is set in a small apartment where the main character and his wife live. The time resets every time they are killed by a police officer who enters their apartment and shoots them to death. So, your task is to find a way to change this ending. The two characters are voiced by James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley. The game is rather similar to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. 

3. How To Play These Game

Source: Netflix

You might easily get access to these games by launching the streaming app on iOS or Android devices. While entering the game features, you will get to download these two games from the App Store (Or Google Play Store). Once you finish downloading those to your phone, you might now freely enjoy these new games. 

Even though the streaming giant has launched its video game category for quite a time, only a few Netflix subscribers are interested in those games. Currently, there are more than 20 available-to-play video games in the category with several notable titles. Only less than 1% of Netflix’s 221 million subscribers use this feature. Therefore, Netflix is still making an effort to improve this feature and get more players. 

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