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Improve bow legs like Kpop stars


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Bow legs do not affect health but easily make us self-conscious about our body. Many Korean music stars have bow legs. However, with perseverance in practice, they have owned a “straight” leg that many people desire. Let’s see how these Kpop stars practice!

Kpop stars also have flaws

Referring to singers and idols of the Hallyu wave, you will probably think of images of beautiful boys, beautiful girls, and full of talent. At the present time, they are seen as the standard of beauty.
However, idols are human too and must have flaws in their bodies. No one has a perfect beauty. Even the beauty icons of Kpop like Yoona, Rosé also have bow legs that make them sometimes self-conscious about their body.
Yoona is a singer of the legendary Korean girl group Girls’ Generation, is a symbol of beauty with a flawless beautiful face and a slim body that many female friends desire. . However, she has a weakness that makes many people self-deprecating, which is a pair of bow legs. Whenever Yoona wears short skirts or skinny pants, the flaws of her legs are all exposed. Moreover, owning a slim body also makes her show the curvature of her legs.
Bow legs have become a familiar image during Yoona’s career years. But in recent years, it seems that her bow legs have disappeared. Instead, there was a Yoona with a plump body and long, straight legs.

Persevere in practice – improve your legs

Yoona, like many other Korean stars, is very diligent in practicing Pilates and Yoga to maintain her youthful shape and beauty. There are many movements dedicated to the legs to improve the disadvantages of large legs such as the family column, the fat thighs … and the bow legs can also be overcome, as long as you persevere in practicing every day.
Yoona or other Kpop stars look to subjects like Pilates and Yoga to maintain their body shape and youthful beauty.

These two subjects have a lot of movements specifically for the legs to improve weaknesses such as big legs, big thighs or bow legs,… As long as you practice every day, the results will come to you.
Many people still assume that bent legs are due to the skeleton and cannot be improved. That is a very wrong mindset, which you can overcome with practice. Here, NuEdu will guide you with some basic exercises to improve bow legs as quickly as possible.

Netizens noticed that Girls' Generation's YoonA has adjusted her bow legs |  allkpop

Raise your leg

– Lie on your side with your elbows down.
– The left leg is crossed, the right leg is straight and use the thigh muscle to lift the right leg. Note that during this process, the right leg should always be straight.
– Do 10 times each set, the last time try to keep your right foot elevated for 10-15 seconds.

Twist yourself

– Sit down, keep right leg straight, left leg crossed right leg.
– Hold the left knee with your hand and pull it to the right side. Twist, and try to hold this position for 30 seconds. Continue with the other side.

Knee clip

– Lie on your side with elbows down, knees together tightly.
– Raise your legs as high as you can, do 1 set of 10-15 reps, then switch sides.
This move directly affects the part of the knee that is far apart because of the bow, will cause the knees to gradually pull together, significantly improving the curvature of the leg.

Reaching out

– Using a book, clip to the knee and use force to hold.
– Stand up straight, reach your arms up to the sky and then try to bend down so that your hands touch the ground.
Do this exercise 10 times/set.
This exercise also helps pull your knees together. You can use a thick book at first, gradually using smaller books as you get used to helping to prevent the knee from bending.

Squat with two legs

– Do not squat as usual, but bring your legs together, feet apart into an inverted V.
– Unlike a regular squat, in this exercise, you bring your legs together, feet apart into an inverted V.
– Slowly lower your center of gravity, until your knees touch, then stand up

With this exercise, you can both improve your bow legs, tone your thighs, and lift your butt.
Above are simple but extremely effective movements that you can practice at home to improve your bow legs. I encourage you to exercise regularly, after only 1-2 months you will clearly see the change of your legs. Look at K-pop stars, they’re not perfect. Perfection comes from their extreme efforts, sweat, blood and bones. If you persevere, one day you will be perfect like that!

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