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On ChromeOS, There Are 41 Cool Crosh Commands


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Although most people can get by just well with the standard Chromebook combination of web apps, Chrome apps, and Android apps, some of us still require (or perhaps simply prefer) traditional local programs for specific activities. Because Linux software are available on Chrome OS, we may enjoy the speed, simplicity, and security of a Chromebook while still enjoying the odd heavy-duty desktop app. Read more: crosh commands on ChromeOS

There are two parts to this page.

A table of commands is shown first, followed by a fast and dirty guide (originally uploaded as a separate article) on how to enter and use the cross environment.
Command Purpose\sexit
Get out of the Crosh Shell now
the Crosh help help advanced
Display complex crosh commands, mostly for debugging.
[-n] [-i interval] [-c count] With [-s packetsize] [Wait time -W] — Destination Send network hosts ICMP ECHO REQUEST packets. The next hop gateway for the default route is used if “gw” is the destination. It functions in the same way as other operating systems’ ping command. To halt the ping operation or any other Crosh command, press Ctrl+C.

battery test [length of the test] tests the battery discharge rate for a specified period of time. No debate will change the default 300-second test.
bt console
On the Bluetooth debugging console, click “On.”
[start | stop | log level >] chaps debug
sets the logging level for the chapsd process. Verbose logging will begin with no parameters.


shows the state of connectivity.

experimental storage has the following statuses: enable, deactivate.

Activate or deactivate test storage features.

ff debug Tag: [tag expr] [–help] [–list valid tags] [–reset] Removing and adding ff debugging tags.

memory test

rigorous memory testing on the free RAM that is accessible.

modem < command > [args…] Interact with the 3G modem. Run “modem help” for detailed help.

modem_set_carrier carrier-name

Configures the modem for the specified carrier.

network_diag [–date] [–link] [–show-macs] [–wifi] [–help] [–wifi-mon] < host > A function that performs a suite of network diagnostics. Saves a copy of the output to your download directory.

path [-n] [-6] The routing tables should be shown.
set apn Network ID: [-n] [-u user name here] [-p] “password” < apn > Set the APN that will be used to connect to the network identified by the value of network-id. Use the network-id of the currently registered network if network-id is not given.
c – set apn
The default APN will be utilized if the APN to be used is cleared.

set arpgw is either true or false.

To confirm that the default gateway can be reached, enable further network state checking.

set cellular ppp [-u user name here] [-p] “password” Set the PPP username and/or password for an existing cellular connection. If neither -u nor -p is provided, show the existing PPP username for the cellular connection.


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