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There are ways to be able to translate Youtube videos


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The use of subtitle translation for videos on Youtube is a very necessary thing for foreign audiences. Thanks to the subtitles, they can see and understand the content inside your video, thereby knowing the products you are advertising or the messages you want to convey. Let’s find out how to automatically translate Youtube subtitles with me.

Step 1: Select Youtube Studio

Creators must first enter the YouTube studio. To achieve this, go to your account preferences and choose the Youtube Studio icon in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Select Subtitles

There are numerous sections in Youtube Studio, one of which is the Subtitles section, as you can see on the left. There, you can view the channel’s videos. Click the one you want to start translating or adding subtitles to.

Step 3: Select Add subtitles in a new language

Click Add Language and select a language from the list to add subtitles in another language in this area. After selecting, the language will show up under Video Subtitles, but to add it to the video, click Add.


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3 methods to add translated subtitles to Youtube videos:

Manually Type the Subtitles

The subtitles can alternatively be manually typed by the content author, however this would require laborious and excessive labour. However, if the video is brief, content producers can use Youtube Studio’s auto-translation feature by typing the subtitles in the video’s native language.

Upload the Transcript

This option allows the creator to upload the subtitles’ transcript, which must have timecodes. The YouTube video would then have the subtitles added.

Auto-Translate Youtube

The video must have subtitles in the original language in order to use this option. This is why it may be advantageous to manually type the subtitles in the original language of the video. Then you can easily generate subtitles in a variety of languages using the auto translate feature.

In addition to the above ways, I will introduce to you a way that is being used by many people, which is voice over for youtube videos. With this application, your Youtube videos will be translated easily and are easy to listen to, thanks to these factors, your Youtube channel will surely attract more viewers.

Application details: voice over for youtube videos


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